• [WD-1592] - Error markers of fields in nested detail panels are still visible on tabs even when the error already has been fixed
  • [WD-2358] - Refactoring TmRegionAllowanceDefCtx / TmRegionAllowanceDefinition
  • [WD-4736] - Current page automatically scrolls up after selecting an org unit
  • [WD-5482] - Not possible to use filter on android devices. Keyboard will collapse immediatelly
  • [WD-5821] - After downloading a xls file the page with the progress bar is still open
  • [WD-5852] - Special character (ampersand) makes details disappear in Access Request
  • [WD-5857] - English text displayed although german is selected as user language in account list
  • [WD-5882] - Allow option search_contains for chosen layout of selection lists in cocoon
  • [WD-5908] - TemplateFileConnector: input field for filepath way too small
  • [WD-6011] - Missing Translations in Webdesk UI for rolling out passwords to users
  • [WD-6039] - Deleted relation appears on "Former Relations", but disappears after "Save"
  • [WD-6055] - Leftovers of daily discounts for mixed/abroad travels
  • [WD-6072] - SalaryAccounting import of salary values out of HRX misses some values
  • [WD-6099] - Can not logout from webdesk in IE
  • [WD-6110] - Regression: Vacation-day checks in vaction-request not working
  • [WD-6125] - Validation error for field "time zone" in Masterdata
  • [WD-6257] - wf_getMyOpenTodos / wf_getMyFinishedToDos: view permissions don't seem to work
  • [WD-6310] - Wrong "entry count" when displaying the sums table in a configuration of ta_getOrgJournal
  • [WD-6312] - AccessRights: disabling right to delete must however allow deletion of newly created relations


  • [WD-5616] - Allowance Calculation Definition: Improve Allowance Discounts
  • [WD-6073] - DoRescheduling: After saving rescheduling table scroll should stay on the same position as before save

New Feature

  • [WD-5708] - Build REST service for show person profile action


  • [WD-5694] - Can´t download exchange rates from tmImportFXExchangeRates Jobs anymore


  • [WD-6059] - Refactor wd.datatables.js: extract script for transposing tables
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