• [WD-3605] - Editing an effort in mobile stop-watch shows "Invalid submit id (no such widget): undefined"
  • [WD-5671] - Workflow: Filter for Process is missing entries which should be there and/or showing entries from other customers which shouldn't be there
  • [WD-5916] - It is not possible to upload BIRT reports anymore
  • [WD-5926] - Write necessary instructions about activities related to quality assurance of development
  • [WD-5948] - In HRX Resignation tab change the default value from announced to implemented
  • [WD-5992] - Login with Umlauts ä ö ü fails in WD-Time Mobile App
  • [WD-6027] - WD-Time Mobile is missing the button "Show more Results"
  • [WD-6109] - Reporting Module: not possible to upload new version of BIRT report with the same name
  • [WD-6169] - Align form fields for layout: Columns, Columns2, Row
  • [WD-6196] - Vaadin IllegalArgumentException when changing back a person's employment from "Custom Weekly Plan" to "Standard"
  • [WD-6240] - po_showDataSourceDefinitions: Wrong default - Permission for all clients
  • [WD-6241] - Hide button "social security registration" in menu when they are configured out
  • [WD-6244] - Whitescreen after failed login in webdesk mobile WF and PTM
  • [WD-6251] - Projecttime Mobile App broken in trunk
  • [WD-6272] - Description textarea in IE has 1 line height and is not auto-resizing its height
  • [WD-6286] - Description/Project/Start of the currently running effort does not get updated.
  • [WD-6287] - Regression: Adding appenders in editLogSettings.act not possible
  • [WD-6312] - AccessRights: disabling right to delete must however allow deletion of newly created relations
  • [WD-6314] - SQLSyntaxException when trying to start process
  • [WD-6315] - SQLSyntaxException when trying to open workflow lists
  • [WD-6316] - Releasing on hudson via release-script fails
  • [WD-6319] - Standard Menu Width in Responsive Skin shall be widened or customizable
  • [WD-6327] - Missing translations in ta_getOrgCalendarYearly
  • [WD-6328] - Missing translations in Workflow lists (assign requests)
  • [WD-6336] - WD-Time Mobile in alpha version was almost entirely broken due to false NFC module dependency
  • [WD-6338] - Login and Logout fails for Alpha version of WD-Time Mobile APP
  • [WD-6346] - File-Upload not possible in workflow request if filename contains special chars
  • [WD-6353] - Regression: In Assigned requests (Open todos) wef can see (by default) TO-DOs not assigned to him


  • [WD-5232] - Labels for choosing the timerange (from/to) seem to confuse people
  • [WD-6304] - Display Photo of coworker in coworker list
  • [WD-6306] - Improve icon spacing in title bar


  • [WD-6530] - Action cache not written when exporting as Excel

New Feature

  • [WD-5947] - In po_showDataTransferHistory.act changing list we need Labels next to the time stamps


  • [WD-6235] - Deprecate IE versions prior IE11
  • [WD-6324] - Version of TM module gets set to the wrong value when updating to 4.0.21
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