• [WD-5725] - Improve Dialog/Layout behavior in doRescheduling.act
  • [WD-6310] - Wrong "entry count" when displaying the sums table in a configuration of ta_getOrgJournal
  • [WD-6634] - Order by Timezone is not working
  • [WD-6666] - Basic informations should not look like a table
  • [WD-6667] - Too many encapsulated boxes
  • [WD-6668] - Help text is not helpful at the bottom
  • [WD-6669] - Textfields in wrong place
  • [WD-6670] - Add document (Dokument hinzufügen) Button should be aligned left
  • [WD-6672] - Can't enter multiple event days (fields don't apear)
  • [WD-6674] - Little optical issues
  • [WD-6678] - Buttons should be alingned left
  • [WD-6679] - Too many boxes
  • [WD-6683] - Cannot export Connectors
  • [WD-6684] - Company logo is missing
  • [WD-6685] - Too much free space
  • [WD-6699] - Spacers divide the form and create unnecessary space
  • [WD-6704] - Changing skin as sadmin must be executed 2 times
  • [WD-6720] - Autocomplete on costcenter in event assistant not working
  • [WD-6721] - Table design wrong
  • [WD-6722] - Create interface for providing personal data of related modules to PDF export of personal data report
  • [WD-6737] - Validation for "Termination Date" is missing in termination dialog
  • [WD-6745] - Regression: All activities of existing efforts are displayed wrongly after auto-refresh in PTM stop-watch
  • [WD-6770] - Error when you save a new Mandant
  • [WD-6803] - Start button causes an exception
  • [WD-6805] - Adding expense to Travelfolder causes a NPE when reaching tab 'calculated costs'
  • [WD-6821] - NPE in ptm_doProjectTimeBooking


  • [WD-6718] - Make the Event Management Assistant responsive


  • [WD-6626] - Display audit-log information also on relations
  • [WD-6744] - Implement cross-field validation for all fields that depend on each other
  • [WD-6828] - DoRescheduling: content in "New Rescheduling block" in classic is too narrow

New Feature

  • [WD-6716] - Notice for open approvals in last month when mouse is over the monthly approval button
  • [WD-6717] - No import of bookings on public holidays should be possible


  • [WD-6157] - Release Webdesk using multi-module-maven-release-plugin
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