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  • [WD-2920] - Folder name macro does not make sense for sub-folders
  • [WD-6042] - Asked to authenticate quite frequently although I have "Remember me" activated
  • [WD-6734] - Personalized admin has no delete button on processes
  • [WD-6820] - Extension of TaTimeModelProgram retrieval from Ta-Connector
  • [WD-6875] - Welcome-base-action is taken instead of configured action
  • [WD-6996] - Not able to change the usageCode of a BankAccount
  • [WD-7027] - Entering a "Carreer Level" for a person's job gets lost when saving changes
  • [WD-7034] - "Node to traverse can not be null" when opening a travel from "Travel of my employees"
  • [WD-7116] - Edit menu tree: After "Save and Close" in edit Action Edit Menu Tree has not installed splitting containers
  • [WD-7136] - Person in read only mode falsely has some buttons active which allow manipulating the person
  • [WD-7156] - Failing update 4.0.28 -> 4.0.29 because of wrong Spring config file being loaded
  • [WD-7190] - HR person editor TA-tab should not be editable when not being in edit-mode
  • [WD-7192] - "Card" and "tag" should be a variable used in the app
  • [WD-7198] - FieldGroupInvalidValueException when going back to person-chooser after editing employment state to invalid
  • [WD-7204] - Adding an action link in menu maintenance causes endless loading
  • [WD-7205] - Activating a TA-ID for a person at "Master Data" > "Persons" causes an exception concerning the Employee-ID
  • [WD-7211] - Can not save time effort when entering just duration
  • [WD-7213] - Error message after a validation error
  • [WD-7216] - Time field collapses when having a validation error in edit-project-time
  • [WD-7218] - Saving of client tab 'Time & Attendance' results in exception
  • [WD-7255] - Adding an action to the menu tree is done silently without success confirmation
  • [WD-7256] - Dialog content is rendered completely unreadable (in background, mostly hidden, etc)
  • [WD-7257] - Opening a client from Master Data > Clients causes a JS error message
  • [WD-7258] - Date forms not displayed
  • [WD-7278] - Can't get activity-chooser by clicking "..." button


  • [WD-3546] - TravelRequest: add comment box at estimated costs for each record
  • [WD-6840] - Technical licence for HRX Ta-Connector integration
  • [WD-6947] - Make pseudonymization configurable
  • [WD-6977] - Responsive webapp asks for permission (location)
  • [WD-7104] - EditTaskTimeShares: autocorrect of decimal separator depending on locale
  • [WD-7105] - editTaskTimeShares: only one running process at a time for each user
  • [WD-7146] - Missing actions inside the workflowlist, viewing it as personalised Admin
  • [WD-7152] - Add additional information in "About" dialog
  • [WD-7153] - Change the number formatting on the "About" information dialog
  • [WD-7157] - Fields used as column headers in the Master Table get their own textmodule differing from their representation in the Detail Table
  • [WD-7161] - Remove duplicates of string constant "system"
  • [WD-7237] - Refactor of data table header styling

New Feature

  • [WD-6907] - Display additional dynamic columns for entity-type PtmTimeEffort in table of action "Edit Project Time"
  • [WD-7092] - Add configuration for default sort order of ChangeList
  • [WD-7137] - ptm_editTimeEfforts.act: import attendance time from external system (e.g. SAP)


  • [WD-6365] - Make PTM-Kiosk-Mobile-App a cordova App
  • [WD-7042] - W5 prototype - Review of project
  • [WD-7090] - Implement Vaadin dialog to confirm clearing of TA-Id when person gets inactivated
  • [WD-7172] - Move general Javascript and CSS files with prefix "wd." in PO module to subfolders
  • [WD-7175] - Refactor: PoLanguageRestEndpoint to return only JSON
  • [WD-7179] - Perform Webdesk sprint release 4.0.30
  • [WD-7219] - Release webdesk-custom-rbi
  • [WD-7220] - Let configure additional columns for ptm_editTimeEfforts.act
  • [WD-7221] - Java implementation of dynamic columns for "Edit Project Times"
  • [WD-7222] - Adapt layout of "Edit Project Times" to accept configured additional dynamic columns
  • [WD-7223] - Make PtmTimeEffort and PtmTimeEffortHistory support dynamic fields
  • [WD-7236] - Textfield in dynamic column has disabled DISABLED state instead of OUTPUT, after editing the day-row
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