• [WD-5447] - Creating a new client results in a TransientObjectException
  • [WD-6313] - NPE when trying to start workflow process (e.g. "Holiday Request") and person has an exit date on TA system
  • [WD-6736] - Design for Administration Part of Kiosk-app
  • [WD-7045] - Change State List does not display all fields in a correct way
  • [WD-7168] - Do project time booking: Mobile view does not show bookings
  • [WD-7274] - editTaskTimeShares: when saving to HrPersonJob each task assigned to the job creates its own entry in the database table
  • [WD-7275] - HRX: Future employees should not be displayed in "active employees"
  • [WD-7343] - Cannot terminate an employee in HR Expert
  • [WD-7353] - SDL Paginator navigation with bottom copy getting out of sync
  • [WD-7359] - Cannot create a ImportExchangeRate job
  • [WD-7361] - Get Device ID of Samsung A6 Tablet to be linked against Kiosk ID
  • [WD-7367] - HR Expert: When defining two main cost centre both with 100 % one disappears
  • [WD-7368] - Regression: Row content not populated on mobile views
  • [WD-7392] - Absence client: Minimal width on cells missing!
  • [WD-7412] - When starting a project start the counter with 00:00
  • [WD-7416] - Updating label from widget in classic skin
  • [WD-7420] - Change password after password reset does not work
  • [WD-7424] - Missing cache-replication for logintoken_cache
  • [WD-7431] - Not allowed groups/persons showing in wfList actions' filter


  • [WD-7311] - Add client-side paginator for Calender-overview action when no grouping is enabled


  • [WD-6507] - Switch from Password encryption to hashing
  • [WD-6810] - Integrate NFC Reading into App
  • [WD-6925] - Write little java program which sets the datasource connection credentials in webdesk.properties
  • [WD-6980] - NFC Management: Old card's issuer + Old card's validity
  • [WD-6982] - NFC Management: "Yes, clear the card" button is on safe position to avoid incidental confirmation
  • [WD-7282] - Allow relation between project and Kiosk
  • [WD-7288] - Let edit additional fields inside PtmProject editor to serve as defaults for PtmTimeEffort
  • [WD-7307] - NFC Management in Webdesk: Overview Page - Improvements
  • [WD-7308] - NFC Management in Webdesk: Detail Page - Improvements
  • [WD-7310] - Add new NFC tag: Validate tag number for uniqueness + Redirect to detail page after creation
  • [WD-7350] - Make welcome messages related to the user's timezone
  • [WD-7365] - HR Expert: Incomprehensible Error message when employee has two main cost centre
  • [WD-7366] - HR Expert: Incomprehensible Error message when the sum of the cost centre are over 100 percent
  • [WD-7429] - Allow Access to Javamelody for Users having action-permission for po_openJavaMelody.act

New Feature

  • [WD-7037] - Custom Job: Defining Big and small Daily allowance
  • [WD-7245] - Notify employee about rejected project-time bookings
  • [WD-7410] - Project Structure gets boolean flag "Unproductive project structure" for Kiosk usage


  • [WD-6916] - Provide a DEV-Server which updates daily with GIT master (or the dev?) branch
  • [WD-7358] - Refactor InClauseBuilder, PartitioningHelper and GenericHibernateDaoSupport.find() to use the same code
  • [WD-7371] - Implement business logic necessary for "partial clients" in HrAuthorization
  • [WD-7388] - Extend Kiosk App Jenkins Job to automatically create an APK
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