• [WD-7260] - Show nfc tags: Sorting fails on empty fields (NPE)
  • [WD-7352] - In output mode field labels and field values are not vertically aligned
  • [WD-7370] - The "now" button in the datepicker delivers false times
  • [WD-7377] - Responsive table - collapsed content contains sorting icon and also an inputbox
  • [WD-7379] - Edit menu tree: layout is broken on first load
  • [WD-7425] - Implement PtmTestEntityDataProvider
  • [WD-7435] - "Clear card" (NFC tag) shall end a current validity with now and clear any future validity
  • [WD-7467] - Mobile view folder explorer broken
  • [WD-7468] - Exception when trying to approve appraisal interview
  • [WD-7480] - Cached login tokens are used inside PoRestPasswordService
  • [WD-7483] - Unwanted behaviour when holding different NFC tag to sensor while logged in
  • [WD-7484] - Projects get duplicated when consecutively holding NFC tag multiple times to the sensor
  • [WD-7525] - Welcome page ist missing elements
  • [WD-7546] - The textbox inside template for "Mitarbeitergespräch" should allow more text
  • [WD-7550] - Activating TA for a new person in HR-Expert must not be possible when the form is not in edit-mode, or the person was not yet saved
  • [WD-7563] - Exception when opening hr_editPersonCertificates.act if velocity script is empty in configuration
  • [WD-7568] - Data source rejected establishment of connection
  • [WD-7672] - Employee appraisal interview: validation of start date of evaluation period
  • [WD-7674] - Employee appraisal interview: employmentHours displayed instead of employmentPercent
  • [WD-7717] - IllegalArgumentException: Multiple decimal separators in pattern "dd.MM.yyyy"


  • [WD-6801] - Rework new Webdesk Branding
  • [WD-7273] - Time correction multi day: fix responsive layout
  • [WD-7342] - Start and stop timestamps of a project effort booking must correlate to a "Kiosk UID" which correlates to an "External Reference ID" (i.e. for SAP)
  • [WD-7345] - HR-Expert client chooser should also contain items to select clients having partial view-permissions
  • [WD-7362] - Visual feedback to touch events (button presses)
  • [WD-7383] - Config-form for hr_editPersonCertificates
  • [WD-7393] - Allow editing validity period for current/scheduled Nfc tag holders
  • [WD-7400] - Improvements report employee list
  • [WD-7401] - Improvements report phone list
  • [WD-7403] - Improvements report Education
  • [WD-7404] - Improvements report certificate
  • [WD-7405] - Improvements report Training list
  • [WD-7406] - Improvements report birthdaylist
  • [WD-7421] - Change possible options for filtering NFC tags by their state
  • [WD-7436] - Kiosk entity shall have these fields
  • [WD-7465] - Modify getAssignments Rest End Point to Also Return the Latest Valid Assignment
  • [WD-7472] - Modify person object in assignments response so that it contains basic information about a person

New Feature

  • [WD-7108] - editTaskTimeShares: make it possible to delete job profile assignments
  • [WD-7249] - Implement custom serialization of simple types
  • [WD-7271] - Set visibility permissions based on orgunit (group) instead of client: restricted clients
  • [WD-7363] - Holding an unassigned card displays alert messages appropriate to the validity (never, past, future)
  • [WD-7439] - Rest endpoint for returning productive/unproductive projects
  • [WD-7470] - Rest endpoint that should return all projects in a structure


  • [WD-2227] - Upgrade Spring to 4.x (Implicitly also Hibernate to minimum 3.6.x)
  • [WD-6981] - Tacon Docker Image
  • [WD-7537] - Implement soft-client restrictions to groups also in organigram


  • [WD-7240] - AuditTrail serialization process in PoAuditTrailServiceImpl
  • [WD-7241] - Add new types of collection serialization in CustomJacksonObjectMapper
  • [WD-7455] - When returning from NFC tag detail page to overview page the popup from earlier pops up again falsely
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