• [WD-6978] - vacationrequest on the same date of an other request
  • [WD-7469] - Exception if "from date" and "Eintrittsdatum" inside a vacation request are the same date
  • [WD-7598] - hr_showPersonProfile: data displayed in wrong format (en vs. de) / typos
  • [WD-7803] - wf_getOrgProcessInstances configuration: no value when choosing Processvariable in some cases
  • [WD-7827] - Edit time efforts: time-field is broken / time-chooser missing or time-value out of viewport
  • [WD-7831] - Employee picture looks konvex
  • [WD-7837] - HR-Expert person editor changes top tab "Employment" when clicking to another tab and then "Edit"
  • [WD-7879] - editPersonCertificates: several problems / bugs
  • [WD-7881] - Certificate-Group without assigned client causes IllegalArgumentException: id to load is required for loading
  • [WD-7883] - ClassCastException when trying to open the details of a skill
  • [WD-7885] - Responsive issues in EVM report "Geräteverleih"
  • [WD-7886] - Responsive issues in EVM report "Raumreservierungen"
  • [WD-7887] - Responsive issues in EVM report "Meine zukünftige Veranstaltungen"
  • [WD-7898] - Skin switches when switching users
  • [WD-7917] - Fix room calendar dropdown field layout


  • [WD-6404] - Switch History management to clientside to preserve correct history per tab.


  • [WD-7928] - Absence comment button inside the client configuration just hides the comments for yourself
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