• [WD-7197] - HR Expert the print function is broken
  • [WD-7471] - Roles are not refreshed in HrPersonEditor in HRX when switching to another person
  • [WD-7480] - Cached login tokens are used inside PoRestPasswordService
  • [WD-7510] - Edit text module: Use icon catalog
  • [WD-7534] - Custom serialization doesn't work after upgrade to Spring 4
  • [WD-7535] - PTM REST tests can not find application context (spring 4 upgrade)
  • [WD-7538] - Firefox - Welcome: Error in js-File webdeskCore
  • [WD-7541] - Rest Tests failing (LazyInitializationException)
  • [WD-7547] - Number appears during "Mitarbeitergespräch"-Workflow
  • [WD-7550] - Activating TA for a new person in HR-Expert must not be possible when the form is not in edit-mode, or the person was not yet saved
  • [WD-7557] - Stop-watch shows JS "Error: $hiddenDiv is not defined" dialog when clicking onto "Edit" button of a terminated effort
  • [WD-7561] - Edit appraisal interview: Next button out of layout
  • [WD-7562] - Edit appraisal interview: Hide Panel Send email notification to meeting participants


  • [WD-7342] - Start and stop timestamps of a project effort booking must correlate to a "Kiosk UID" which correlates to an "External Reference ID" (i.e. for SAP)
  • [WD-7385] - Rest Endpoint for registering a new Kiosk and querying existing kiosk by deviceId
  • [WD-7457] - Improvements report organisation unit list
  • [WD-7458] - Improvements report position plan
  • [WD-7459] - Improvements report Cost center lists/employee List
  • [WD-7460] - Improvements report Cost center lists/person cost center list
  • [WD-7461] - Improvements report Cost center lists/Cost center list
  • [WD-7462] - Improvements report state of employees/Reason and state list
  • [WD-7495] - Modify getAssignments Rest Endpoint to Describe if User is Admin
  • [WD-7511] - Local admin and technical user for Kiosk terminal + Group to hold technical users of a client
  • [WD-7555] - Welcome: Welcome Image is cached
  • [WD-7564] - Edit appraisal interview: Hide Notify Also chooser in participants tab

New Feature

  • [WD-7185] - Experimental Features Flag for webdesk actions
  • [WD-7433] - Display unproductive project structures in special folder at special position


  • [WD-2225] - Move Webdesk trunk to Java 8
  • [WD-7490] - Refactor PoSystemInformationRestEndpoint
  • [WD-7544] - Rest endpoint spring bean refactoring
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