• [WD-6431] - Change PTM choosers to be not subject to permission/licence checking
  • [WD-7539] - Correction client: When changing input focus via TAB key, the time will be pushed outside on left side
  • [WD-7545] - buildCustomGroups Job fills wrong group
  • [WD-7634] - ptm_MyProjectTimes.cact: PDF Report shows no decimal place only integer value
  • [WD-7670] - Edit access right set - table data is hidden after save
  • [WD-7672] - Employee appraisal interview: validation of start date of evaluation period
  • [WD-7674] - Employee appraisal interview: employmentHours displayed instead of employmentPercent
  • [WD-7720] - editTaskTimeShares: button "Actions" is missing in process details -> Remove "Process details" button!
  • [WD-7721] - HRX: client selection not sorted anymore
  • [WD-7736] - Tooltip for decimal hours (base 100) falsely shows "hh:mm" (=base 60) in "Edit Project Time"
  • [WD-7739] - HRX does'nt show confirm-save dialog after failed business validation and navigating away
  • [WD-7783] - editTaskTimeShares: job profile doesn't get deleted although all assigned tasks are 0
  • [WD-7804] - It is possible to add unassigned NFC tag that has null serial number
  • [WD-7824] - User Settings display a NullPointerException
  • [WD-7827] - Edit time efforts: time-field is broken / time-chooser missing or time-value out of viewport
  • [WD-7837] - HR-Expert person editor changes top tab "Employment" when clicking to another tab and then "Edit"
  • [WD-7879] - editPersonCertificates: several problems / bugs
  • [WD-7881] - Certificate-Group without assigned client causes IllegalArgumentException: id to load is required for loading
  • [WD-7902] - No client chooser although login-user has competence on more than one client
  • [WD-7903] - Login-user sees his own client although it has a single competence for a restricted client
  • [WD-7912] - Dialog for modification history shows Exception


  • [WD-7540] - Supporting "referral chasing" for Active Directory on LDAP-Connections
  • [WD-7592] - Improvements in overview and detail page of "NFC Tags" and "Kiosks"
  • [WD-7665] - Improve Credentials encryption in webdesk.properties to avoid same result for identical username/password
  • [WD-7668] - Backend/Model changes for HrPersonSecondaryJob
  • [WD-7716] - Direct employment termination shall no longer be possible in employment-status inside HrPersonEditor
  • [WD-7723] - Extend the HRX "restricted clients" concept to organigram and position plan
  • [WD-7724] - Person chooser in editPersonCertificates needs navigation controls
  • [WD-7757] - Rest endpoint for assigned/unassigned should return only users that have one project permission
  • [WD-7828] - Set new webdesk branding as default

New Feature

  • [WD-7664] - Data-Connector (job) per each start/stop event of an effort booking resolves Kiosk UID to External Reference ID
  • [WD-7772] - Endpoint to unregister a Kiosk (=clear Android Device ID from Kiosk entity)
  • [WD-7773] - Endpoint shall confirm cleared or modified NFC cards/persons as a consequence of an assignment action
  • [WD-7774] - Run NFC tag assignment in a dry mode, which returns list of cards+persons which would be affected
  • [WD-7792] - When requesting NFC tag info from the endpoint, it should return the issuer's UID + firstname + lastname (blocks WD-7195)
  • [WD-7811] - Rest endpoint to get current NFC Tag assignment by person


  • [WD-7713] - Create simple job for deleting Alfresco repositories with invalid configuration


  • [WD-7446] - Create generic Webdesk Hibernate Interceptor that integrates AuditLog and AuditTrail
  • [WD-7447] - Integrate AuditTrail interceptor in Webdesk
  • [WD-7654] - Kiosk entity fields shall all have proper hint text
  • [WD-7660] - Change logo for BIRT reports
  • [WD-7820] - NFC Tag Issued/Changed column shall be updated every time it is changed (validity change or cleared)
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