• [WD-6030] - Regression: Link from Action to processdefinition is removed after registration
  • [WD-7435] - "Clear card" (NFC tag) shall end a current validity with now and clear any future validity
  • [WD-7748] - rp_getOrgReport Back-Button is unsusable (very long loading time)
  • [WD-7751] - Reporting: TmStandardDestination is shown as default value for parameter string with value null
  • [WD-7878] - Falsely possible to add a unique same serial number more than once to the system
  • [WD-7954] - Problems in EVM Resources categories, groups and instances UI's
  • [WD-7964] - Terminate Employment Button disappears, when current state is INACTIVE
  • [WD-7981] - Small layout problem in po_switchToOtherUser
  • [WD-8000] - Import daily programs: selecting rescheduling structure not working
  • [WD-8021] - Marital Status is lost after update from 3.8 to 4.0.38
  • [WD-8026] - 0min efforts are not sorted chronologically
  • [WD-8047] - Deleting time effort fails with "Write operations are not allowed in read-only mode"


  • [WD-7310] - Add new NFC tag: Validate tag number for uniqueness
  • [WD-7802] - Master Data > Client > "Options" tab gets cleaned up and restructured into meaningful Field Groups
  • [WD-7936] - Allow to omit specific entries in the webdesk.properties file
  • [WD-7962] - Disable "Continue" button while being absent if "Book project efforts only while attendance" is activated
  • [WD-7963] - Assign vehicles to groups or clients
  • [WD-7977] - Create a PTM time effort custom serializer
  • [WD-8003] - NFC tags table: Rows shall not be an entire click zone (hard to select text). Explicit edit button enough
  • [WD-8010] - Improve label of configuration-parameter "Actual attendance times restrict effort times"
  • [WD-8048] - "Change validity" dialog shall start with current valid from/to values prefilled

New Feature

  • [WD-7995] - Starting and stopping efforts gets a speed optimized endpoint


  • [WD-6727] - Delete Person-related data in EVM module


  • [WD-7455] - When returning from NFC tag detail page to overview page the popup from earlier pops up again falsely
  • [WD-7728] - Manual input of NFC serial number is sanitized, only accepting [0-9A-Fa-f] with length of 8-14 characters (4-7 bytes)
  • [WD-7836] - Sanitize NFC serial number input in search field of NFC Tags
  • [WD-7925] - Create Anonymous Person for Client
  • [WD-7979] - After creating a NFC tag and returning to overview it is not listed there
  • [WD-8004] - NFC tag with no current holder shows this fact plus disables the buttons "Clear Card" and "Change Validity"
  • [WD-8005] - Delete NFC tag asks for a confirmation in a dialog
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