Release Notes - Webdesk - Version 4.1.12


  • [WD-7973] - Project list is displayed empty initially in chooser popup. Only manually clicking "Tree View" or "List View" shows projects.
  • [WD-8078] - NFC assignments needed in list of Card Holders
  • [WD-8095] - Deleting a person should not delete assigned NFC tag
  • [WD-8100] - Validation errors cause layout problems in condensed layout of ptm_editProject.act
  • [WD-8111] - Get my open requests: Filter shows no processes when all persons are selected
  • [WD-8129] - Module version gets downgraded and upgrade script is run twice when switching branches
  • [WD-8149] - Groupconnector shall not allow to modify the client field
  • [WD-8150] - IE11 crippled by Javascript webdeskCore: Menu items can neither be expanded nor opened
  • [WD-8151] - Exception throw upon building of Audittrail Changelist from entity containing dynamicfields
  • [WD-8152] - Auditlog/Audittrail (or wrong hibernate config) triggers multiple person saves
  • [WD-8155] - Exception thrown when saving AuditTrail
  • [WD-8177] - IE11 crippled by Javascript webdeskCore: Clicking a menu item leads nowhere but results in JS error dialog


  • [WD-7464] - General improvements on BIRT reports for HRX
  • [WD-7997] - Search for person to assign card to (endpoint extension + optimization)
  • [WD-8048] - "Change validity" dialog improvements
  • [WD-8090] - My Salary Statements displays at least all the 12 salary statements of a year at once
  • [WD-8102] - Planned project efforts sum get better labels and tooltips
  • [WD-8158] - "Back" button for Project Tree UI. Back to Projects or to Person after crossjump.
  • [WD-8195] - Hide Button 'Delete Ta data" based on AccessRights


  • [WD-7657] - Add independent scrolling for organigram tree in HRX reports
  • [WD-7660] - Change logo for BIRT reports
  • [WD-7661] - Improve the layout for reports in HRX
  • [WD-7662] - Improve position of the search hint on reports in HRX
  • [WD-7904] - Improvements report Organisation unit list
  • [WD-7906] - Improvements report Entry/Resignation list
  • [WD-7908] - Improvements report Person Cost Center List
  • [WD-7909] - Improvements report Telephone List
  • [WD-7910] - Improvements report Birthday list
  • [WD-7911] - Improvements report position plan
  • [WD-7920] - Improvements report employee list
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