Release Notes - Webdesk - Version 4.2.0


  • [WD-7409] - NPE in travel expense when region to date is missing
  • [WD-7574] - Do rescheduling: selecting days via multiple choice dropdown is not working
  • [WD-7717] - IllegalArgumentException: Multiple decimal separators in pattern "dd.MM.yyyy"
  • [WD-7822] - Delete logs are generated even when the delete process fails.
  • [WD-7978] - Orglist based webdesk actions have nasty margins on bottom
  • [WD-7987] - Missing margins in po_editUserSettings.act
  • [WD-8049] - "Change validity" popup opens again after save (regression bug regarding continuation ID)
  • [WD-8100] - Validation errors cause layout problems in condensed layout of ptm_editProject.act
  • [WD-8159] - Exception in Person creation when clicking on groups tab
  • [WD-8160] - Filling or changing the Android Device ID of a Kiosk then saving results in error
  • [WD-8166] - User image (avatar) dialog: Bugs with apply, delete, closing popup, updating image thumbnail
  • [WD-8207] - Wrong holiday entitlement calculated for vacation requests that end on the day the yearly entitlement is added
  • [WD-8208] - NumberFormatException when using char field in 6020 for number of vacation days
  • [WD-8209] - Displaying of vacation entitlement table in vacation request is only calculated when the to date is changed
  • [WD-8213] - Time corrections on days with an open booking interval should only close the booking interval if the timecorrection is within the open interval
  • [WD-8219] - RowGroupingHelper.getSummaryOfField() returns wrong sum
  • [WD-8220] - Workflow-List: show confirmation dialog on button cancel
  • [WD-8226] - TaAccountConnector: connector should not export 0 values when the person has no accounts in the interflex for the requested date
  • [WD-8242] - Nullpointerexception on LDAP Login
  • [WD-8263] - Projects can not be selected from tree view in project chooser
  • [WD-8272] - Remove merely technical field "hr_personsecondaryjob_processId" from the UI
  • [WD-8286] - Database attribute was longer than 40 characters which is not allowed for (some?) Oracle databases
  • [WD-8382] - Booking.act: Doesn`t save Geoloacations when booking with responsive Webapp

New Feature

  • [WD-7667] - Webdesk UI for editing secondary jobs
  • [WD-7974] - Admin can see permitted projects of user at: Master Data > Persons > Person > Modules > Project Time


  • [WD-7900] - Modern javascript/typescript integration
  • [WD-8215] - Update versions to 4.2.x
  • [WD-8217] - Fix EOL (End-Of-Line) issues in webdesk repository
  • [WD-8218] - Show package and process id in selection list configuration (wf_getOrgProcessInstances)


  • [WD-7653] - Allow Roleholder selection inside tm_editTravelFolder.act and tm_editTravel.act
  • [WD-7847] - Data model redesign: Multiple Employment States and Employments
  • [WD-7849] - Alternative HR forms rendering per relation
  • [WD-7932] - Vertical split panes can scroll independently and can optionally have fixed headers
  • [WD-7934] - In split pane views the detail pane remembers its tab selection when stepping through the elements in the tree
  • [WD-7958] - Clicking "Show Project Tree" auto expands the tree path to the current project and shows it selected
  • [WD-7988] - If user attempts selecting another element in the inactive tree pane, inform that the element must be saved first
  • [WD-7997] - Search for person to assign card to (endpoint extension + optimization)
  • [WD-8011] - Provide a multi-type detail-form inside a multi-relation field like PersonEmploymentStatesField
  • [WD-8052] - TaCheckMaxWorkingTime: make it possible to use velocity scripts in mailbody
  • [WD-8087] - After having selected another element in the project tree the detail panel shall have a loading indicator and further selection clicks shall be blocked
  • [WD-8091] - Project image shall not have hover effect as only EDIT button triggers popup
  • [WD-8093] - In the image popup change the button label to "Done" instead of "Apply"
  • [WD-8101] - Larger margin-top for logo block to not confuse checkbox from block above
  • [WD-8158] - "Back" button for Project Tree UI. Back to Projects or to Person after crossjump.
  • [WD-8165] - Sweetalert dialog with callback buttons
  • [WD-8173] - po_editUserSettings: make it possible to define the maximum validity of deputy assignments
  • [WD-8187] - When deleting a kiosk open a dialog whether the intention might be temporarily disabling a kiosk or indeed to really delete it
  • [WD-8189] - Project Image (Logo) gets hint text
  • [WD-8214] - Add method getRecordSpecialsAmountPaidByCompanyOfType(String commaSepeatedList) in TmTravelDecorator
  • [WD-8230] - Allow download CSV Files from PoFileService


  • [WD-7905] - Improvements report Employment Extent Statistics
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