Release Notes - Webdesk - Version 4.2.2


  • [WD-8251] - HR-Expert: the second reason of employment change in future is not saved
  • [WD-8261] - Get my open ToDos: Filter shows no processes when all persons are selected


  • [WD-7210] - Absence code "Attendant" which has productive=true is falsely included in a REST response for productive=false
  • [WD-7994] - "Now"-Button of time chooser does not fill with the current time, but an earlier one
  • [WD-8161] - Creating a new kiosk fails as automatic techuser generation fails due to number generator service not properly incrementing numbers
  • [WD-8233] - HR-Expert: Error P19 when changing the validity of a role assignment to the past date
  • [WD-8282] - You cannot open past secondary jobs to see the details
  • [WD-8304] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to access alfresco via dm_folderExplorer
  • [WD-8314] - React based Action breaks on subsequent loads
  • [WD-8352] - Buttons don't work when adding user picture which has none yet
  • [WD-8375] - React/Typescript integration broken after re-configuration of webpack + dependencies
  • [WD-8377] - Exception when opening a report with translation of selectionlists activated

New Feature

  • [WD-7970] - "Edit Project Times" should support "Enforce 0min effort duration"


  • [WD-6726] - Delete Person-related data in TM module
  • [WD-8298] - Webdesk build fails on webdesk-tools-js when not connected with company network


  • [WD-7639] - Deleting a kiosk entity should also delete its association to projects
  • [WD-8188] - Button with dropdown menu
  • [WD-8322] - Provide Access to viewpermissions in Rest-Endpoints
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