Release Notes - Webdesk - Version 4.2.3


  • [WD-8326] - Table header not completely shown in "Rufbereitschaft planen"


  • [WD-7530] - Show travels: Start location is missing
  • [WD-7843] - Absence-Codes not allowed by config are displayed as "attendent" in correctionClient
  • [WD-7994] - "Now"-Button of time chooser does not fill with the current time, but an earlier one
  • [WD-8054] - Show system messages: It shows all messages from all users
  • [WD-8246] - Closing date of maternity leave (8 weeks after birth)
  • [WD-8257] - Documents can not be updated in alfresco repository
  • [WD-8273] - "id to load is required for loading" in "EditPersonSecondaryJobs" process in Webdesk
  • [WD-8435] - System messages causes Exception
  • [WD-8474] - Users see 6 entries for every one of their system messages


  • [WD-8064] - Kiosk needs version number + app branch needs to be integrated into Webdesk
  • [WD-8376] - Correct Dependency management of NPM projects in webdesk
  • [WD-8409] - Enable AuditLog feature in the Systemparameters
  • [WD-8482] - NPM publish in release fails


  • [WD-7445] - Refactor of AuthenticatorImpl
  • [WD-7832] - RESCHEDULING: Checkboxes' positioning shall correlate better to the label they affect
  • [WD-8228] - Sync pom.xml and package.json versions and publish to private repos
  • [WD-8308] - Import job for SAP project definitions/permissions at its end shall clear the PTM caches
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