Release Notes - Webdesk - Version 4.2.5


  • [WD-7347] - PtmStopAndContinueEfforts: job terminates abnormally due to too many persons in the system (>2100)
  • [WD-8255] - Travel expenses are wrong calculated when record with foreign currency is paid by company
  • [WD-8401] - If the Android Device ID is unfilled it should be null instead of an empty string which creates uniqueness false alerts
  • [WD-8429] - Kiosk falsely does not show a manually inserted effort as the last effort
  • [WD-8458] - Valid from has to be before valid to
  • [WD-8460] - "id to load is required for loading" exception after deleting person and selecting date
  • [WD-8487] - Process filter for sadmin not working any more
  • [WD-8491] - Roles can not be deleted in hr-expert
  • [WD-8511] - Regression: Filter buttons not working in editCurrency
  • [WD-8578] - Kiosk deletion fails because of missing delete log
  • [WD-8579] - Trashbin: Kiosk restoration fails with NPE
  • [WD-8630] - Assigned requests- empty table after refresh
  • [WD-8637] - Regression: workflowlists throw exceptions in context of sadmin
  • [WD-8645] - WebpackConfig -> need to export multiple configs in webclient project
  • [WD-8652] - Person falsely still kiosk admin after removal from "All Kiosk Administrators"
  • [WD-8668] - "Incorrect result size" when changing kiosk device ID

New Feature

  • [WD-7440] - New Interface for monthly project time booking in %
  • [WD-8185] - When starting a new booking delete any immediately preceding bookings with less than 0min as unintentional
  • [WD-8539] - Monthly project % time booking - Project picker


  • [WD-8580] - Make sure existing webdesk.properties ClusterConfigs (RMI) continue working without manual reconfiguration


  • [WD-8254] - Possibility to assign multiple kiosk admins
  • [WD-8378] - Android Device ID of deleted kiosks shall be excluded from uniqueness check
  • [WD-8453] - Clean up JMS properties in webdesk.properties
  • [WD-8499] - Add Serializable interface to cached objects
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