Release Notes - Webdesk - Version 4.3.0


  • [WD-8754] - SQL Server update-problems with PTM


  • [WD-7384] - Employee number and name doesn't change in 6020 when saving person
  • [WD-8292] - permissions of all clients are shown in Menutree maintainance UI to non Sadmin
  • [WD-8293] - Wrong Kalender used by Rufbereitschaft
  • [WD-8297] - All clients visible in "Show NFC Tags" despite view permission type being "Own Client"
  • [WD-8440] - Password reset when user not active should not be possible
  • [WD-8582] - Exception when creating inactive users
  • [WD-8599] - NPE when changing NFC tag 's "Valid From" to today or earlier or to before "Valid To"
  • [WD-8607] - BS4: Missing padding around objects
  • [WD-8633] - ChangeList do not displays values that are set by default in a new instance of an object
  • [WD-8650] - Regression: Filtering by issuedDate not working anylonger
  • [WD-8698] - Start/Stoping Efforts is not Possible Due to Internal Server Error
  • [WD-8706] - Wrong datatype for stwert fields in TaPersonConnector causes DeltawriteConnector to fail
  • [WD-8709] - Changing NFC tag assignment validity fails with empty response
  • [WD-8712] - Fix security-flaw in referer-based REST authorization
  • [WD-8717] - Webpack dependency po-websdk on tools-websdk not working
  • [WD-8747] - Failing update script after PTM remodeling to support Monthly Percentual Effort Allocation
  • [WD-8851] - Exception when calling '/listActionConfigurations' endpoint from Client action
  • [WD-8852] - Problem with Custom Deserializer when updating ManyToMany relationships
  • [WD-8893] - Basic informations of the kiosk are not shown


  • [WD-7655] - Combined time (TA) and project time (PTM) approval

New Feature

  • [WD-7440] - New Interface for monthly project time booking in %
  • [WD-8135] - See and edit projects in Kiosk Detail Page (minimum goal is to see projects)
  • [WD-8330] - Status property for PoClient + Administration
  • [WD-8331] - Embeddable contact form
  • [WD-8336] - Display "Trial Mode (x days left)" in Webdesk for trial users
  • [WD-8346] - Remote/local timezone display in Attendance tableau gets layout and mobile optimizations + larger timerange inclusion
  • [WD-8395] - po_reswitch.do Should Return Proper Status Code on Failure
  • [WD-8546] - Monthly project % time booking - On next of December jump to next year (and vice versa)
  • [WD-8547] - Monthly project % time booking - Notification on Save/Fail


  • [WD-7441] - Logic and data model for monthly project time input in %
  • [WD-8270] - TA API Refactoring for Time-Models
  • [WD-8367] - Provide webpack-config for IDEs other than eclipse
  • [WD-8411] - Sync dependencies of pom.xml to package.json
  • [WD-8549] - Refactor existing React components - Replace Prefix 'Wf' with 'Wd'
  • [WD-8550] - Infrastructure for Translations in React Components
  • [WD-8692] - Integrate Rocket.Chat into webdesk proof-of-concept
  • [WD-8728] - Increase minor version number for 4.3
  • [WD-8881] - ptm_editTimeEfforts: it should be possible for administrators to edit bookings created by the system


  • [WD-8216] - Create a reuseable ts base-library for http and login
  • [WD-8379] - On a single client server, the client field shall not be displayed in the Kiosk overview and be autofilled and hidden during Kiosk creation
  • [WD-8503] - REST-Service for creating trial customer should have token and validTo in response
  • [WD-8540] - Errors handling in REST endpoint if some invalid data is send
  • [WD-8568] - Embeddable contact form - create redirect page with login token
  • [WD-8569] - Embeddable contact form - create network error message
  • [WD-8617] - Re-Attachment of ManyToOne objects in Custom Jackson Serializer
  • [WD-8619] - Rest Endpoint Error handling
  • [WD-8620] - Replace ApiKey Header with X-Auth-Token
  • [WD-8642] - Field "Hierarchical group for technical users of Kiosks" shall be uid-link and be checked that it's indeed a hierarchical group
  • [WD-8699] - Monthly project time - Don't allow to enter/edit efforts when daily efforts are applied
  • [WD-8716] - Auto-create TaPerson for PoPerson
  • [WD-8722] - Improve LoginToken and LoginAttempt services
  • [WD-8738] - Policy for "All Kiosk Administrators" and "Administrator group" per kiosk
  • [WD-8799] - Enable complete serialization of OneToOne references
  • [WD-8828] - After saving a kiosk redirect to the kiosk in edit mode
  • [WD-8873] - Error when trying to open Monthly time efforts


  • [WD-8545] - Is loading UI
  • [WD-8623] - Create fields for trial customers in PoClient
  • [WD-8624] - Show trial fields in editClient.act
  • [WD-8626] - Show status property in showClients.act
  • [WD-8627] - New job for controlling the trial clients
  • [WD-8628] - Improve AuthenticatorImpl to check status of the client of the person
  • [WD-8700] - Server API, to get if Monthly Time efforts can be entered for a month
  • [WD-8719] - Backend - Provide the amount
  • [WD-8725] - Bug on save from ptm_editMonthlyTimeEfforts.act
  • [WD-8730] - Check if monthly efforts allowed
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