Release Notes - Webdesk - Version 4.3.1


  • [WD-6423] - HRX: Report Vollkräfterechnung/FTE Statistics shows confusing values for Orgunit-based usage (Positionplan optional)
  • [WD-8493] - Pay Group does not change when changing Labor Contract
  • [WD-8639] - Cannot delete person inside trashbin
  • [WD-8745] - Card Issuer is shown with lastname 10 times in Master Data > Person > Show NFC Tags
  • [WD-8762] - Saving project with changed kiosk assignment(s) with project tree closed works but error message tells you it failed
  • [WD-8887] - Cannot create new action configuration
  • [WD-8937] - Exception when trying to approve Time correction request when the user already has absence entries
  • [WD-8941] - Webdesk doesn't start in clustered scenarios
  • [WD-8944] - Caching for TaTimeModelProgram/TaTimeModels needed
  • [WD-8962] - NPE when selecting a favorite
  • [WD-9007] - Freebusy graphic in attendancetableau broken

New Feature

  • [WD-8420] - Permission Management of time-models in webdesk
  • [WD-8733] - Automatic reduction of daily allowances based on the number of travel days within the current month
  • [WD-8789] - Create TaPersonService and use it in PoTaInterceptor and TaBaseModel
  • [WD-8802] - Automated naming and numbering scheme for the triple Kiosk + Admin group + Tech User


  • [WD-8812] - Integrate Fork of Typescript Generation Maven plugin to generate ObjectRefs


  • [WD-7767] - Stop watch: Try a smooth transistion from "Duration: 01:37:45" to "Prev. effort: 01:37:00"
  • [WD-8713] - List of Timemodels
  • [WD-8714] - List of Timemodel programs
  • [WD-8818] - During kiosk creation "Automatically create administrator group" is off by default and "Automatically create technical user" flag gets a hint button
  • [WD-8876] - Client filter in show kiosks table should be selection menu
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