Release Notes - Webdesk - Version 4.5.14 - 12.11.2019


  • [WD-9878] - Images resources are falsely linked with HTTP in contrary to web app which is in HTTPS
  • [WD-10072] - po_orgBuilder action name is null in the details panel of the menutree maintenance
  • [WD-10094] - Sticky header does not scroll with its table
  • [WD-10110] - Project favorites panel should not have a fixed height
  • [WD-10128] - Tree type buttons both work as toggle for both views
  • [WD-10140] - Sticky header on absence client broken
  • [WD-10174] - Weekly programs created with webdesk are not working for new persons
  • [WD-10175] - Setup of daily programs validation should only check fields of current step
  • [WD-10176] - Improve selection of daily programs with same target time
  • [WD-10177] - Autocomplete for roles not working
  • [WD-10178] - Switch between client-menu-tree view and menu-templates view is not toggling buttons


  • [WD-10141] - Update script that will make daily programs private
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