Release Notes - Webdesk - Version 4.5.1 - 30.09.2019


  • [WD-9827] - Travel Expense: Problem with collapsing container panels like kilometer allowance and successing ajax-call


  • [WD-8294] - Fields needs separate Textmodule
  • [WD-8610] - You cannot delete group permissions
  • [WD-8890] - Time is shown in minutes, but messages says "hours"
  • [WD-9005] - Jest's tests cannot import dependencies correctly from other projects
  • [WD-9247] - WdIntl is not compatible with IE11, `.fill` is not supported
  • [WD-9351] - Collapsible panel disappearing when minimised and any chooser selected
  • [WD-9643] - Extra horizontal scrollbar on the bottom of the page should not appear, but just for tables which the content needs to be scrolled
  • [WD-9668] - Extra blank space after SDL tables
  • [WD-9675] - HRX default salary code should not be hard-coded
  • [WD-9680] - Fix layout of Dashboard view in HRX
  • [WD-9681] - Down arrow missing for the Actions button extension
  • [WD-9708] - Extend rest/po/kiosks/<deviceID> to consider the Application Type when returning response
  • [WD-9728] - Exception on App's start up, related with React Bootstrap Components
  • [WD-9744] - Multi-line text fields are not displayed correctly in HRX
  • [WD-9761] - Physical deletion of person with second factor pin fails
  • [WD-9773] - HrPersonConnector: make it again possible to import a new employment state
  • [WD-9802] - ta_showPersonalData page on mobile should be improved and image is cut
  • [WD-9820] - Edit Monthly Time Effort cannot import WdIntl
  • [WD-9821] - Problem with 30day trial setup - HRX User group already taken
  • [WD-9826] - Validation on overlapping travels can only work on the 3rd overlapping travel
  • [WD-9828] - DB exception during startup
  • [WD-9852] - Layout of boxes for bank accounts and vehicles settings-pages not suited for desktop
  • [WD-9853] - Layout of calculated costs in tm_editTravelFolder broken
  • [WD-9856] - PDF export of ta_getCalendar redirects to empty page
  • [WD-9858] - IE doBooking show Journal throws exception in browser console

New Feature

  • [WD-9038] - HRX: Validation upon saving of a user if the user is assigned to the group of a defined orgstructure
  • [WD-9254] - Livechat integration for Webdesk Customers
  • [WD-9648] - Link React Component
  • [WD-9650] - Time Renderer React Component
  • [WD-9653] - Dialog Window React Component
  • [WD-9662] - Geolocation Button Component
  • [WD-9755] - Expandable container


  • [WD-9006] - Grouping for native table
  • [WD-9503] - Service level validation for creation of Time-Model
  • [WD-9670] - Quick creation of week program


  • [WD-8260] - Client corrections - table Month view
  • [WD-9508] - Disable Client field in Edit Time Model for Local Administrators
  • [WD-9509] - Display breaks and accounts from the selected base Time Model during quick creation
  • [WD-9515] - In Edit Time Models display Threshold column as hours
  • [WD-9649] - Some UI improvements for tables on editProjectTime mobile view
  • [WD-9652] - UI improvements for doProjectTimeBooking page on mobile
  • [WD-9654] - UI Improvements on correctionClient mobile
  • [WD-9666] - Make dropdowns in Group calendar nicer
  • [WD-9767] - Use ellipsis in dashlet titles instead of wrapping when space is not enough.
  • [WD-9769] - Make export buttons less prominent in HRX
  • [WD-9771] - Put the 'Client' input hint inside the client chooser as a placeholder
  • [WD-9791] - Improve layout of minimize/expand org chart tree buttons
  • [WD-9817] - Selected rows are not highlighted in HRX
  • [WD-9835] - Revert Travel summary table to how it looked before in Desktop view
  • [WD-9836] - Fix layout of Time Corrections step in Edit Travel
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