Release Notes - Webdesk - Version 4.4.0


  • [WD-9287] - Cardreader isn't working after update


  • [WD-5013] - Time Correction has a mirrored primary button on bottom, which is not updating on toggling
  • [WD-8648] - Time correction multi day process ignores role when you can select a roleholder
  • [WD-8657] - HRX-Report EmployeeState: Reasons are show with keyvalue and not text
  • [WD-8662] - HRX-Reports: Birtreportset_changes takes not the entry date for the entry list
  • [WD-8704] - Client specific "All kiosk Administrators" and "Hierarchical group for technical users of Kiosks" falsely allow to link to groups of other clients too
  • [WD-8735] - Can not terminate Person during Secondary Employment
  • [WD-8739] - When changing validity of person in HRX, the employment validity is not updated accordingly
  • [WD-8764] - Releaser plugin releases EVERY module regardless of a change
  • [WD-8882] - Monthly project time: Hours to allocate are shown as minutes
  • [WD-8941] - Webdesk doesn't start in clustered scenarios
  • [WD-8943] - Access Right Sets are not taken in consideration for Roles and API Keys
  • [WD-8944] - Caching for TaTimeModelProgram/TaTimeModels needed
  • [WD-8953] - Selection of entries in standard destination selection dialog in travel form is not working
  • [WD-8957] - "All Kiosk Administrators" group not selected when deactivating the automatic group creation
  • [WD-8965] - Cannot create a new person in HRX when employments tab is opened
  • [WD-9007] - Freebusy graphic in attendancetableau broken
  • [WD-9067] - Webdesk Mobile App doesn't retain login information (iOS + Android)
  • [WD-9120] - BS4: Uncaught JS errors when exporting any list as Print/PDF/Excel
  • [WD-9144] - Regression: Progress column in Workflow-List contains unnecessary break per performer
  • [WD-9170] - Master data validity overridden with current date when creating new user in HRX with changed valid-from
  • [WD-9184] - Pay group shouldn't be editable if labor contract not selected
  • [WD-9208] - NPE when saving new person in HRExpert
  • [WD-9228] - Manual Roleholder selection should only be possible on first activity in Custom Workflow
  • [WD-9237] - NPE when creating a new employment state w/o filling the state property
  • [WD-9278] - IllegalArgumentException after updating webdesk from 4.0.x to 4.4.x on HrPersonEmploymentStates

New Feature

  • [WD-7961] - HRX: display the value-set collected from another field as selection list
  • [WD-8847] - Set Dashboard as Startpage in HRX


  • [WD-8106] - Write upgrade script to create employments out of the existing employment states
  • [WD-8814] - Move the Exception handling to Http library
  • [WD-8988] - Increase minor version number for 4.4


  • [WD-7464] - General improvements on BIRT reports for HRX
  • [WD-8434] - Add validation when inserting state in SECONDARY employment
  • [WD-8438] - Add possibility to create custom strategies for new relation creations in HRX
  • [WD-8469] - Use existing TERMINATED states when filling gaps in employments' timeline
  • [WD-8600] - Deletion of positions should only be possible if position has no persons assigned
  • [WD-8621] - Sticky Header in Native React Table
  • [WD-8810] - Add "Duration" column in HrPersonEmploymentState table
  • [WD-8815] - Add non-destructive option to termination dialog
  • [WD-8878] - "Administrator group" of kiosk gets restricted to groups of own client
  • [WD-8927] - Approved timeefforts shall not be editable
  • [WD-8928] - PoTaInterceptor should not block saving a person, if TA is unavailable
  • [WD-8968] - Creating a new employment state should use the parent's validity to prefill its own validity
  • [WD-8971] - Add validation to the withdrawn date in the change/withdraw termination dialog
  • [WD-8978] - Change the icons of the termination dialog buttons
  • [WD-9008] - Make it possible to add additional fields for HrPersonRelative and HrPersonRelativeInternal
  • [WD-9041] - Duration of employment/states should be calculated correctly
  • [WD-9046] - Change the order of columns to better support comprehension as a timeline and better readability
  • [WD-9048] - Duration of employments and states: How to calculate them regarding past/future or in/finite
  • [WD-9095] - Conditional text format for prefilling the comment field in the termination dialog
  • [WD-9110] - TaAbsenceEntryApplication: comment needs to be improved to save exactly what was given to the method without webdesk prefixes
  • [WD-9270] - Auto creation of new Employments shall take the validity of a free primary inactive state to prefill its own validity
  • [WD-9283] - HrPersonEmployment / HrPersonEmploymentState: state should have validfrom of today instead of using the employment validfrom


  • [WD-7907] - Improvements report Org Unit Change List
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