Release Notes - Webdesk - Version 4.4.3


  • Personen können nicht mehr der selben Gruppe mehrmals zugewiesen werden
  • Job "Erinnerung offene Aufgaben" funktioniert wieder
  • Verbesserungen der PersonProfilePage
  • Endlos - Ladebalken der Favoriten von Projekten behoben
  • API-Schlüssel können wieder gelöscht werden
  • Verbesserte Validierung von Tages/Wochenprogrammen
  • Dokument - Vorlagen Fehler behoben
  • Fehler bei der Urlaubsberechnung in speziellen fällen behoben
  • Administratoren können nun System-Projektzeit Buchungen bearbeiten
  • Mehrere Verbesserungen des Prozesses für Nebenbeschäftigungen
  • Fehler bei BIRT-Reports behoben
  • Mandanten Assistent kann nun auch automatisch einen Administrator Benutzer erstellen


  • [WD-9516] - Document template does not allow duplicate fields


  • [WD-8450] - Wrong calculation of planned holidays (vu) if using an alternative date for the accounting of holidays
  • [WD-8653] - EditPersonSecondaryJobs can be started without the form filled
  • [WD-8654] - EditPersonSecondaryJobs - Legal form select labels are missing
  • [WD-8662] - HRX-Reports: Birtreportset_changes takes not the entry date for the entry list
  • [WD-8751] - Do project time booking: Efforts with "createdBySystem"-Flag set are still editable
  • [WD-8973] - Edit person: Assign an employee to the same loose group twice or more shouldn`t cause 2 or more entries
  • [WD-8999] - Endless "loading" symbol after deleting favorite
  • [WD-9297] - Job Erinnerung offene Aufgaben (openActivitiesReminder) doesn't work properly
  • [WD-9306] - NFC Serial Number is Sometimes not Correct Displayed in EditPersons.act
  • [WD-9315] - Exception is thrown after deleting row in editTimeModelProgram action
  • [WD-9340] - Person Profile Page does not load when person has a picture
  • [WD-9348] - hr_personProfilePage: Wrong person profile is displayed when opening different persons coming from the po_searchPersons action
  • [WD-9355] - HTTP lib falsely interpretes error response as success
  • [WD-9394] - Browser language is not used as langauage of Webdesk
  • [WD-9402] - Deleting a Kiosk Created Today Fails
  • [WD-9463] - ActionViewHelper does not find websdk
  • [WD-9475] - Person Profile Page displays "null" when KeyValueType field is null
  • [WD-9488] - Locale specific problem with rendering the percentage in taskTimeShares View
  • [WD-9506] - Layout broken - the styling is per component but the top component style still refers to tables
  • [WD-9523] - NPE on list of open requests
  • [WD-9557] - list of salary accountings empty
  • [WD-9561] - Document creation in HRX: It was not possible to find a template with the configured UID

New Feature

  • [WD-8958] - SetupClient for PTM and TM
  • [WD-9052] - Api-keys are not possible to delete once created
  • [WD-9053] - After deleting kiosk the relevant api-key should also be deleted
  • [WD-9210] - Rest Endpoint to Book with Absence Code
  • [WD-9231] - SSO: make it possible to authenticate a user based on a header (X-Remote-User)
  • [WD-9241] - Show TaAccount Template Action
  • [WD-9242] - Show TaBreakSkeleton Template Action
  • [WD-9259] - Edit TaAccount Template action
  • [WD-9260] - Edit TaBreakSkeleton Template action
  • [WD-9277] - SetupClient for HR
  • [WD-9381] - User can assign NFC tag to him/herself
  • [WD-9382] - Create a REST endpoint that returns info about user's vacation days


  • [WD-8481] - Webdesk should respond with correct status-codes
  • [WD-8926] - SetupClient - create Groups And Enable TA
  • [WD-9224] - New Endpoint for Updating Kiosk Info
  • [WD-9358] - Pass custom authentication headers to HTTP lib


  • [WD-8505] - PtmTaSynchronization: make it possible for admins to edit automatically generated bookings
  • [WD-8676] - Provide way to user setup his password after new client creation
  • [WD-9075] - Webdesk job: deleteOldWfData should be extended to be able to abort running processes
  • [WD-9118] - If changing client policy "External reference ID required" to TRUE, check all existing kiosks, and throw notification of those who yet do not fulfill this policy
  • [WD-9225] - New Property for Kiosk that Stores Kiosk's Chosen Language
  • [WD-9258] - Add Client field to Break Skeleton Template
  • [WD-9271] - Kiosk administrator group permissions are updated when the client settings have been changed
  • [WD-9294] - Make top right panel collapsible based on the size and not in the content itself
  • [WD-9298] - Improve validation of timemodels
  • [WD-9319] - Update favicon of HRX to new logo
  • [WD-9329] - Improve class hierarchy of interface HistoricizingDomainObjectCrudService
  • [WD-9332] - Separate styling into different css files for each component and style tables
  • [WD-9341] - Correct time model translations
  • [WD-9483] - Add possibility to display person orgUnit shortName
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