• [WD-2580] - AuthenticationException: NTLM authentication failed - infinite loop
  • [WD-5670] - NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No bean named 'WorkHoursAgreementModeChange' is defined
  • [WD-5782] - Vaadin table row rendering error when creating a new relation on tab "Education"
  • [WD-5814] - Checkbox in the middle of the text in a report specification
  • [WD-5919] - Filename of excel exports from BIRT reports have correct file suffix but non-telling continuation-ID as filename
  • [WD-5951] - Employee ID counts up 2 steps instead of 1 for the next new employee
  • [WD-6042] - Asked to authenticate quite frequently although I have "Remember me" activated
  • [WD-6044] - After reentry, the original group of the person is not restored, instead it still belongs to "Terminated"
  • [WD-6046] - Misleading error-message about missing group for terminated employees when resigning a person
  • [WD-6048] - Duplicated title "Re-Entry" on top-left in user interface
  • [WD-6052] - NullPointerException when clicking the re-entry "Perform" button that should be disabled when no person was chosen
  • [WD-6129] - Changing the language in HRX is ignored
  • [WD-6139] - Error markers on tabs and red border around table are still visible after erroneous relation was removed
  • [WD-6144] - Userfilters not working in wf_getOrgProcessInstances
  • [WD-6151] - Error message is displayed twice in tooltip of person editor's employment-tab "Custom Week Plan" fields
  • [WD-6153] - Todos notification: Notification should be always connected to the header panel
  • [WD-6156] - Set Cursor:pointer on notification icon
  • [WD-6160] - Settings View: Set button "Save and Close" as primary button
  • [WD-6161] - Table borders missing in IE
  • [WD-6163] - Set branding logo in About dialog window
  • [WD-6164] - Personal Calendar: Date cells are too big
  • [WD-6168] - Process details (responsive): add paddings inside overview table
  • [WD-6170] - System parameter: Trigger submit on enter in search field
  • [WD-6171] - Profile picture chooser: Style in responsive skin default file upload button + chooserPreview is cut (only IE on obelix for wef)
  • [WD-6175] - Creating files using folder path in Alfresco is not possible using job executeAndStoreReports
  • [WD-6191] - ADFS Logout not working anymore
  • [WD-6195] - Workflow Mobile Navigation broken when switching to Settings Tab
  • [WD-6200] - NPE in findRoles() causes white screen
  • [WD-6213] - UI is in wrong state when dismissing edit state and then going back
  • [WD-6214] - EDIT or STOP an effort after some time of inactivity results in an exception
  • [WD-6219] - Report creates an empty Excel file
  • [WD-6220] - Report can not be downloaded as Excel file
  • [WD-6226] - ExecuteAndStoreReports: NPE when using CMIS and validation of output pdf
  • [WD-6227] - ExecuteAndStoreReports: generated PDF output file is completely broken when using CMIS
  • [WD-6238] - executeAndStoreReports: Misleading log messages
  • [WD-6239] - ALLOWS_ACTION_UID is the same as ACTION_UID
  • [WD-6247] - Favorite panel is missing in IE 11
  • [WD-6249] - Favorite Panel is visible although in collapsed state if favorite names are longer
  • [WD-6255] - km value is not calculated in travelfolder and travel expense
  • [WD-6256] - Attaching files is not possible in travel request in IE 11
  • [WD-6390] - supervisor role for "all" is not assigned to the persons
  • [WD-6464] - TaSyncCalendarDates throws NullPointerException when a person isn't configured for groupware connection


  • [WD-5738] - Tabs in Webdesk which contain fields with validation errors shall have visual markers analogously to HRX
  • [WD-6037] - Conceptional change: Get rid of tab "Resignations" and totally integrate that into "Employment"
  • [WD-6074] - Branding: Webdesk_new: change images
  • [WD-6140] - Highlighting search button on focus event
  • [WD-6182] - New implementation of ExchangeWsClient client using ews-java-api API
  • [WD-6206] - Styling of number fields in responsive

New Feature

  • [WD-1267] - All detail-editors must confirm data loss when being replaced by AJAX or browser-"Back"
  • [WD-4561] - Install to Homescreen on Smartphone
  • [WD-6063] - Kiosk App Project
  • [WD-6207] - Version Info Textblock Specification
  • [WD-6218] - As a manager I want to assign and unassign employees of my facility to NFC cards.


  • [WD-6152] - Employee needs a date for salary accounting if he enters during a month
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