• [WD-5646] - Improve Usability in Time Attendance-tab of po_editPerson.act
  • [WD-5931] - Performance improvement of Project Time Report
  • [WD-6202] - Menutree templates view in editMenuTree needs side-by-side panel
  • [WD-6309] - Menu Tree Maintenance - After adding an action link from the chooser give clearer followup choice
  • [WD-6331] - CSV-Export of complete Salary components table
  • [WD-6411] - executeAndStoreReports: export file attachments
  • [WD-6421] - HRX Dashboard: Make a description for "Abwesenheitsrate"
  • [WD-6500] - Validation error marker should disappear as soon as the user fixed the invalid field
  • [WD-6582] - Refresh PTM and Time Mobile booking page when app is awaken from background.
  • [WD-6654] - sadmin change password success message should not display the stored value
  • [WD-6682] - Refresh WF Mobile Assigned Requests on app wakeup

New Feature

  • [WD-72] - Integrate ChangeLog-Interceptor into Webdesk
  • [WD-257] - Berechnung Auslandsdienstreisen für DE
  • [WD-6570] - Tabbed Pane transforms from single row to multi row when viewport width requires it
  • [WD-6615] - Change behaviour of password bean properties in system parameters action


  • [WD-5522] - Controls in connector preview are messed up in responsive skin
  • [WD-5907] - Fix responsive skin in action: seperatorFileConnector
  • [WD-5964] - Rescheduling: check boxes get not checked when editing an existing planning
  • [WD-6079] - In Rescheduling Planning UI today should always be focused
  • [WD-6105] - Field order in rescheduling mask is completely mixed up
  • [WD-6180] - Sub projects are not synchronized between servers in our Live system
  • [WD-6339] - Buttons without approriate styling classes in "Report Definition" in tab "Report designs"
  • [WD-6428] - Favorite Panel missing in Responsive Skin and wrong buttons in Favorite Management
  • [WD-6459] - TravelExpense: estimated km via geocomplete plugin not working
  • [WD-6479] - Address validation: wrong validation error when opening draft travel
  • [WD-6513] - Validation shows duplicate message on HRX person editor's Terminations' tab
  • [WD-6522] - Travel expense: Submission in IE11 leaves UI frozen but backend receives submission properly
  • [WD-6536] - Fatal problems with wf_getOrgProcessInstances configurations
  • [WD-6546] - Opening a person in Webdesk Admin saves (!) x other persons behind the scenes
  • [WD-6561] - Long project master data description causes an exception
  • [WD-6565] - Root Folder Path for a new configuration is not validated and not testable
  • [WD-6580] - Login not posssible with Umlaute in username or password
  • [WD-6583] - Document Structure cannot be created at fresh installed Alfresco
  • [WD-6590] - Flawed UI rendering in the Attachment Panel in processes that set daily rights
  • [WD-6602] - Rescheduling: show weekends in responsive skin
  • [WD-6633] - Import of artifacts is not working because of wrong import of AuditLog field
  • [WD-6639] - Import of PoConnectorLink configuration is not working because UIDs are imported
  • [WD-6644] - Forced sadmin password change makes NULL Pointer error
  • [WD-6645] - Deleting of a today created person causes an NP Exception
  • [WD-6648] - Correct equals() implementation in AbstractPersistentObject to integrate the class name
  • [WD-6650] - Edit time efforts: when adding a new effort comment field will not autoresize on typing
  • [WD-6656] - Error in update script v158 (prepare.xml)
  • [WD-6663] - Back Button does not work when opening embedded journal
  • [WD-6675] - Technical Review with Jozef
  • [WD-6689] - Regression: encrypted beanproperties are injected encrypted.
  • [WD-6745] - Rendering error in activities after auto-refresh in PTM stop-watch


  • [WD-6362] - Add Fake possibility to switch to other Users
  • [WD-6605] - Transform KIOSK-APP code to use Typescript
  • [WD-6606] - Functional Review with Gabriel
  • [WD-6612] - Change in whole webdesk picture icons to use icon service
  • [WD-6643] - Update Personalwolke Test Server to 4.0.25
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