Release Notes - Webdesk - Version 4.2.1


  • [WD-8042] - "Duration type" option (normal vs. industry minutes) for TimeEffortsApproval.act is missing and conversion is wrong
  • [WD-8200] - Colored marks in group calender in printed version/PDF/Excel not visible
  • [WD-8244] - StartupPropertyProvider should provide file-based HSQLDB props for prod and dev modes
  • [WD-8245] - If Server is down, no useful error message is provided
  • [WD-8263] - Projects can not be selected from tree view in project chooser
  • [WD-8286] - Database attribute was longer than 40 characters which is not allowed for (some?) Oracle databases
  • [WD-8291] - Start and stop button appear together when editing existing time effort
  • [WD-8304] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to access alfresco via dm_folderExplorer
  • [WD-8306] - Regression: Exception in wf_getOrgProcessInstances.act when using Scripting
  • [WD-8352] - Buttons don't work when adding user picture which has none yet

New Feature

  • [WD-7709] - Deleting a Kiosk entity shall also delete its corresponding technical user


  • [WD-6752] - Records table in travel expense is unnecessarily wrapping amount and currency onto two lines
  • [WD-7785] - Unspecified user avatar photo shall simply send imagePath=null to requesting client, so that the client-side fallback image can be used
  • [WD-8170] - Hint for disabled "Continue" button while being absent if "Book project efforts only while attendance" is activated
  • [WD-8229] - Re-factor the PostProcessInLoop method of the HrEditPersonSecondaryJobs
  • [WD-8262] - Better UX performance for Time Editors in Webdesk by only partially blocking and progressive updating of UI elements
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