Release Notes - Webdesk - Version 4.2.4


  • [WD-5014] - Time Booking comments are shown in printout but missing in XLS and PDF exports
  • [WD-6690] - Remove legacy implementation of PoMenuService + UI
  • [WD-7722] - WF open todos - comment function - "Comment" and "Template" not translated
  • [WD-7816] - "Edit Project" with project tree loading very slowly - Make loading progressively
  • [WD-7818] - Caching bug: User has no projects to book on although having permissions (via varying degrees)
  • [WD-8082] - Can´t scroll in menu template view
  • [WD-8295] - Project chooser for chosen employee falsely shows projects of authenticated user
  • [WD-8305] - Forbid implict change of menu-templates inside client-menutree-editor
  • [WD-8337] - Back-Button not working in editPerson Admin UI
  • [WD-8432] - Rescheduling Grid does not take full height reliably
  • [WD-8470] - Attendance tableau report
  • [WD-8473] - Webdesk on PR-69 instance doesn't startup because of broken/inconsistent database
  • [WD-8508] - Webdesk HRX standalone without Shark dB/workflow licence not working in 4.2.x
  • [WD-8518] - RestAuthorization not working when webdesk running with context
  • [WD-8526] - Change Password runs forever, does not change password
  • [WD-8573] - IllegalArgumentException when using daily discounts in travel expenses

New Feature

  • [WD-8333] - REST-Service for creating a new trial customer on webdesk instance
  • [WD-8426] - Integration of all REST Authentication/Authorization Layers


  • [WD-3044] - Concept Rest Authentication based on API Key or User<-> Endpoint Relation
  • [WD-7575] - Webdesk Licence for hr-actions
  • [WD-8396] - Update React version to 16.8


  • [WD-7281] - Support dynamic fields of PtmTimeEffort also in PTM reports
  • [WD-7585] - Status Panel has neutral fallback state (grey & empty) before receiving real state from server
  • [WD-8279] - "Numbers of bookable projects on Kiosk and in total" shall be shown in entire lifecycle
  • [WD-8315] - Deactivate browser autocompletion/suggestions in menu search field
  • [WD-8320] - Referer based REST Authorization interceptor
  • [WD-8414] - Travel expense: improve route in kilometer allowances tab by allowing the selection of standard destinations
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