Release Notes - Webdesk - Version 4.5.7 - 18.10.2019


  • [WD-10026] - NPE when approving a travel expense when the taxable amount of km has changed
  • [WD-10035] - NPE when opening details of a travel request that was transformed to a travel expense
  • [WD-10037] - Translations for km amounts taxable feature


  • [WD-9581] - Travel expense - distance base: amount of km which should be taxable

New Feature

  • [WD-9615] - Add possibility to set start or end at home in edit travel km allowances step
  • [WD-9623] - Improve travel costs calculation based on user settings and started/ended at home


  • [WD-9603] - Create new property in TmClientData allowUserSetTaxableKmAmount
  • [WD-9607] - Create new user TM setting taxableKmAmount
  • [WD-9611] - Create new property in TmTravelType: allowUserSetStartOrEndAtHome
  • [WD-9620] - Create new property started/ended at home in TmRecordKmBill
  • [WD-9904] - Review Implementation of Travel Taxable Amount


  • [WD-9604] - Add new boolean property allowUserSetTaxableKmAmount in TmClientData
  • [WD-9605] - Display new property in edit TM Client Data UI
  • [WD-9606] - Write update script for new property in TmClientData
  • [WD-9608] - Create new property taxableKmAmount in PoPerson
  • [WD-9609] - Display new user setting in EditUserSetting action
  • [WD-9610] - Write update script for new property in PoPerson
  • [WD-9612] - Add new property in TmTravelType POJO
  • [WD-9613] - Add new property to edit TmTravelType UI
  • [WD-9614] - Write update script for new property in TmTravelType
  • [WD-9617] - Create new methods in TravelFormConfig
  • [WD-9618] - Display new column Start/End at home in km allowances
  • [WD-9619] - Save/Load value of new property Started/Ended at home
  • [WD-9621] - Add new properties in TmRecordKmBill POJO
  • [WD-9622] - Write update script for 2 new properties in TmRecordKmBill
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