Release Notes - Webdesk - Version 4.5.12 - 04.11.2019


  • [WD-8347] - Project favorites panel in project-time editor not scrollable
  • [WD-8424] - Validation in TravelExpense should not allow 0 minute travels
  • [WD-9702] - In completed to-dos vacation calculation is wrong
  • [WD-9718] - HR-Expert No Validation at Org-Unit Shortnames
  • [WD-9740] - Travel abroad stages mobile region label shows up twice
  • [WD-9745] - Deleting of API-Key confirmation message says "Delete Kiosk"
  • [WD-9754] - Group/Roleholder assignment for clients shows client status wrong
  • [WD-9801] - Edit project times on mobile: issue with borders
  • [WD-9839] - Additional field labels not shown in editTimeEfforts mobile
  • [WD-9843] - Project efforts export to pdf: year is shown with decimal places
  • [WD-9845] - Print export of ptm reports broken -> shows everything as number
  • [WD-9867] - Mobile view of deputy is unusable
  • [WD-9895] - 'Generate API-key' button is displayed when kiosk does have an API key
  • [WD-9899] - We can not create new additional fields for ptm_editTimeEfforts
  • [WD-9975] - Favorites are missing in "Edit Project Times"
  • [WD-10064] - Edit project times exception when opening action with additional fields selected

New Feature

  • [WD-7373] - Make it possible to define a regex validation on string fields inside the formcustomization
  • [WD-9254] - Livechat integration for Webdesk Customers
  • [WD-9766] - Validation for TimeModelProgram (Weekly Program)
  • [WD-9847] - Add default TimeModel and TimeModelProgram selection to clients


  • [WD-9772] - How the client selection of TimeModelProgram (weekly program) should work
  • [WD-9778] - Rename fields "Name" and "Description" to "Shortname" and "Longname" in ta_editTimeModel.act
  • [WD-9897] - Prevent client-admin from editing public weekly programs


  • [WD-9386] - Add validation for "Name" and "Description" fields in editTimeModel action
  • [WD-9510] - Vehicle Logbook layout improvements
  • [WD-9739] - Better alignment for sorting arrow in chooser actions
  • [WD-9768] - Make spacing between titles and tables consistent in HRX
  • [WD-9832] - React Context Menu must be always visible
  • [WD-9833] - Add possibility for row specific css class in React Table
  • [WD-9849] - Daily program Accounts should not be editable, only templates
  • [WD-9850] - Daily program Breaks should not be editable, only templates
  • [WD-9893] - editUserSettings page on mobile should be improved regarding spacing
  • [WD-9960] - Progressinfo is hidden too late.
  • [WD-9995] - User Settings Vehicle Log Spacing in mobile view too much
  • [WD-10003] - Change breakSkeleton repeater to handle output mode
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