Release Notes - Webdesk - Version 4.5.22 - 16.12.2019


  • [WD-7840] - Add possibility to deactivate detail view in group calendar for specific absence reasons


  • [WD-8193] - Favorites entries in Reports are not loaded from action caches when there are values selected in the tree
  • [WD-10079] - Missing the configuration of exports for action configurations
  • [WD-10114] - Org chart button of selected groups has slight offset
  • [WD-10125] - Table is cut off in clients time acquisition module
  • [WD-10151] - Role and Group chooser inside action permissions have default page size set to 5
  • [WD-10172] - Importing services from webdesk-tools-websdk is undefined
  • [WD-10208] - Date-Chooser wraps into next line on smaller viewports
  • [WD-10232] - Change vehicleLog fromDate, fromTime an toTime
  • [WD-10242] - Fields in Education tab break when filled
  • [WD-10265] - Exception when trying to open a person's Free/Busy status
  • [WD-10347] - Exception when adding a second correction for one day in Correction client when using custom validations
  • [WD-10361] - Exception when trying to open the daily details in Group Calendar
  • [WD-10378] - Target-time hours and credit input fields have weird behavior with german locale

New Feature

  • [WD-10205] - Possibilty to hide columns in HrPersonEmployment_FormCustomization


  • [WD-9725] - Create Java POJO for TaJournal Action Configuration
  • [WD-9726] - Improve response for the Journal endpoint
  • [WD-9730] - Create new Action for new React Journal
  • [WD-9884] - Create tests for the Cache class used by the React Journal
  • [WD-10202] - Add "Amounts" tab in Daily Program


  • [WD-9443] - Style dropdown menus in HRX as in Webdesk
  • [WD-9885] - Generate Caption of React Journal based on config
  • [WD-9909] - 30 day trial form - Changes regarding layout, label and elements on the form
  • [WD-9958] - 30-day-trial form redirection behavior
  • [WD-10007] - Validate phone numbers in the 30 day trial form
  • [WD-10059] - Domain part of mail should be consistent with RFC standards
  • [WD-10081] - Validations needed for TA forms to check if account existed at the time
  • [WD-10279] - Custom validation scripts in correctionClient
  • [WD-10290] - Allow copy of action-config also from action form
  • [WD-10294] - processSystemNotifications job should write more logs in TaCon
  • [WD-10297] - processSystemNotifications job needs more logs
  • [WD-10377] - Serious HR-Expert Performance degredation
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