• Sentry Integration
  • Move to trashbin/hard-delete job
  • Additional dropdowns for SearchPerson UI
  • Fixed bug for Travels which are only 1 day
  • Fixed bugs regarding travel abroad stages
  • Minor fixes for webdesk progressive web app
  • Improvements for administration UIs

Release Notes - Webdesk - Version 4.5.29 - 21.01.2020


  • [WD-7976] - iOS falsely shows screenshot instead of product logo as our icon when using "Add to Homescreen" of our progressive web app
  • [WD-10091] - CorrectionClient cancel button is smaller than the other buttons
  • [WD-10162] - Boolean field with hint message is not selectable and hint is broken
  • [WD-10221] - Pagination widget displayed in modules tab in editPerson
  • [WD-10239] - Save and Close Button just saves but won`t close
  • [WD-10246] - Report configuration for project efforts has a broken layout
  • [WD-10266] - Validation problem when travel expense is recorded with the same start/end date
  • [WD-10267] - Exception when changing Password template in po_bulkPasswordReset.act
  • [WD-10312] - Adding an abroad stage to an expense that has no exact daytime set throws exceptin
  • [WD-10342] - Icon Selector is empty when opening
  • [WD-10397] - Single day travels are not possible anymore
  • [WD-10487] - Error when creating a Travel expense with abroad stages

New Feature

  • [WD-8045] - Sentry integration into Webdesk (java/javascript)
  • [WD-10201] - Move to trashbin/hard-delete job for persons
  • [WD-10213] - Additional Dropdown for po_personSearch UI


  • [WD-9924] - Update color and logo in manifest.json and make sure it gets into use
  • [WD-10063] - Align add buttons for user settings Deputy and Bank accounts
  • [WD-10133] - Competence target dropdown should not occupy another row
  • [WD-10227] - Action default permission layout improvement
  • [WD-10319] - Action default permission dropdown should be enabled only when checkbox is selected
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