• Mehrere Fehler bei Dienstreiseanträgen behoben
  • Fehler bei der Berechnung von Urlaubsanspruch, wenn im System mehr als nur ein Fehlgrund als Urlaub definiert ist
  • Kürzere Ladezeiten beim editieren von Projekten wenn im System mehr als 10.000 Projekte existieren
  • 30 Tage Test Formular funktioniert nun auch auf Internet Explorer
  • Mehrere Fehler bei der Zeiterfassungsadministration behoben
  • Mandantenspezifische Präfixe werden nun auch in HR-Expert richtig erzwungen
  • Neue Aktion mit der Abwesenheitsgründe editiert werden können
  • Neue Möglichkeiten bei der Konfiguration von der Profilseite von Personen
  • Darstellungsfehler in HR-Expert behoben
  • Darstellungsfehler auf iPad behoben
  • Verbesserungen im Modul Payroll-Services

Release Notes - Webdesk - Version 4.5.31 - 31.01.2020


  • [WD-7673] - Change textmodule translation
  • [WD-8996] - ptm_editProject.act takes as sadmin 5 sec. to appear but as User about 60 sec.
  • [WD-10255] - HR-expert auto complete dropdown icons are missing
  • [WD-10286] - HRX Edit profile picture layout issue when picture too large
  • [WD-10288] - Client Prefixes are not enforced in HRX during user creation
  • [WD-10308] - Menu icon on iPad does not change back to mobile when switching view-modes
  • [WD-10309] - Popup notifications on iPad cut off in portrait mode
  • [WD-10449] - "Split vertical screen" options in rescheduling not readable
  • [WD-10462] - Saving of new roleholders takes up to 3 minutes
  • [WD-10463] - Saving of new action permission takes up to 3 minutes
  • [WD-10465] - Profile picture editor in HRX loads placeholder image incorrectly
  • [WD-10471] - Layout issues in ps_editSalaryAccounting.act
  • [WD-10494] - Account template times empty and entries missing
  • [WD-10496] - Configform of seperatorFileConnector not able to show generated files
  • [WD-10517] - "id to load is required for loading" in travel expense form if no "Travel Type" is selected
  • [WD-10547] - Can't save legacy allowance calculation definitions because of exception
  • [WD-10553] - Add action caption translation for tm_showRegionAllowanceDefs.act
  • [WD-10554] - Regression in existing groupcalendar anonymizations with *
  • [WD-10556] - Webdesk doesn't work in IE
  • [WD-10557] - Wrong calculation of number of vacation days in vacation form if more than one vacation absence codes are defined in the system
  • [WD-10559] - Trial form does not load on IE
  • [WD-10564] - ProcessingException: Sitemap: error calling continuation. NPE in TimeEffortPresenter.validateZeroMinuteEffort
  • [WD-10565] - SchedulerException: Job threw an unhandled exception.
  • [WD-10572] - Exception for travels with no specific time range given
  • [WD-10603] - Exception Adding Abroad Stages Row
  • [WD-10609] - Exception when an Abroad Stage uses a date before the travel start
  • [WD-10613] - Exception When opening HR-expert as sadmin

New Feature

  • [WD-9816] - Implement new action to configure absence reasons
  • [WD-10529] - ADD element with specific ID to Action not found page


  • [WD-10488] - Convert GenerateDifferenceList WF Toolagent to Javaclass


  • [WD-9972] - PersonProfilePage: possibility to use person.orgUnit.description
  • [WD-10422] - Calculated WageTypes
  • [WD-10424] - Improve Record-Km-Bills usability in travel-expense form for record containing exact time-ranges
  • [WD-10451] - Dropdown menu shall have possibility to be wider than parent button from which it expanded
  • [WD-10482] - Refactor code that fixed boolean field's tooltip hint


  • [WD-10365] - Implement React component that is capable of rendering report table with provided JSON
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